One Pull Bags


 BagSpot One-Pull Bags

Thick, Black, Opaque Bag

Fits All Pull Bag or Header Dispensers

9.75″ X 13.5″

Center Pull Strap

Bottom Gusset

2000 Bags/Case


1-4 Cases        $74.95

5-12 Cases      $72.95

13-29 Cases    $69.95

30-49 Cases    $62.95

50+ Cases    Please Call


(Free shipping within the  Continental US only)

Strong and Efficient Dog Waste Pickup Bags

BagSpot One-Pull Bags are made strong, thick and thoughtfully. A handy strap permits only one-pull at a time, so you only get one bag at a time. And the wide bottom gusset opens to create a large mitt-like area to pick up dog waste.  These dog waste pickup bags also feature a handy strap-bottom gusset. Each case of 2000 bags contains 20 header cards with 100 bags/card. Nobody else has a bag like this. It’s the BagSpot difference. We design with you in mind. The other guys design with their bottom line in mind. Better dog waste pickup bags at a great price!

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