Posts Green

BagSpot Post

Green or Black

Rust proof Aluminum


Two Piece Flush Fit

Professional Grade    Professional Design

1-8 Posts – $58.95

9-16 Posts – $55.95

16+ Posts – $52.95

Posts Black
These posts are thoughtfully designed so they fit flush. Many companies simply sell you a long post, which has been cut in half, and leave you to figure out how to bolt trashcans, dispensers and signs to the post so they fit.  They also make them from steel because it’s cheaper. At BagSpot, we believe a product should not only look nice, it should be completely functional.  And so we designed these posts with that in mind.  Our BagSpot Premium Stations and Standard Stations all come with these posts. Once you try them, you’ll see the BagSpot difference.

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