Most frequent questions and answers

Yes they do. We offer either roll bag style, boxed on a continuous roll that requires the user to tear the bag along the perforation, or “One- Pull” style. One- Pull bags are flat packed and attached to a header or wicket and will hang from either prongs or hooks within the dispenser.  See the Patented BagSpot 2-n-1 Dispenser and experience the real advantage you have in doing business with BagSpot Pet Waste Solutions.

No we do not. Some of our competitors have taken the opportunity to add on additional fees and tariffs to your order. At BagSpot, we choose to absorb those fees. Making less profit in these challenging times helps everyone. We design our products and run our business with you in mind, not with our bottom line in mind.

Our continuous Roll Bags are 8” W X 13” L. Each bag is more than adequately sized to accommodate the waste product of even the largest dog.
Our One-Pull bags are sized at a generous 9” W X 14” L with a 3” gusset. This added feature, (gusset), that most other bags do not have, will help the pet owner create a “mitt” and make pick-up even easier. For even greater ease, our One-Pull bags have a strap across the middle to make removal from the dispenser easier and the possibility of a multiple bag pull less likely.
All of our bags are black opaque and more than thick enough to get the job done. Why pay more for thicker bags and 2-ply bags? It’s just more plastic. Our bags are a Smart Design and Great Value.

Our continuous Roll Bags are packed 200 bags per roll and 10 rolls per case for a total of 2000 bags per  case. Our flat packed, hanging One-Pull bags are packed 100 bags per header and 5 headers per inner box and 4 inner boxes per master carton for a total of 2000.

We’re asked this question often and a lot depends on usage. On average, in a County, City or Dog Park setting, usage can vary from 500-2000 bags per month per dispenser. In a Condo/Apartment or HOA setting, usage could be anywhere from 300-800 bags per month. Having enough supply on hand will ensure you do not run out and create user inconvenience, which encourages non-compliance, But should you find yourself running low, our warehouse is fully stocked, we ship every order within 24 hours and because we’re centrally located, your order arrives quickly.


You know the saying, “you get what you pay for”Don’t fall for “we’re the cheapest around”.  Cheap isn’t better, it’s just cheap!  Buy a bag that meets your needs, from a company that understands that the first word in customer service is “customer”.

Lastly, it should come from a company that knows your business.  At BagSpot, we know the Parks & Rec business like nobody else.  Our BagSpot founder was the mayor of her city and understands what it takes to run Parks & Rec.  We have over 30 years of business experience, serving real people, meeting real needs.  BagSpot, real value, for real people.


At BagSpot we design thoughtful products with your in mind. That’s why we developed our patented BagSpot 2-n-1 dispenser. We know that sometimes your needs, your budget, your end users, change.  And you need to be nimble to adapt to changing conditions. Our dispenser allows you to shift from Roll Bags to One-Pull Bags simply by opening the dispenser and loading in the bags of your choice. Developed for you, with your bottom line in mind.

Our unique, patented BagSpot 2-n-1 Dispenser will interchangeably hold either style of bag, continuous Roll Bag or Bagspot One-Pull. No need to purchase separate dispensers or additional conversion kits to dispense different types of bags. And that is to your advantage. If we are running a sale on roll bags, then stock up and use our BagSpot 2-n-1 Dispenser to dispense the continuous Roll Bags to your users. If you want to switch to our One Pull Bags, no need to buy new expensive dispensers or costly conversion kits , just purchase our One Pull Bags and they’re ready for installation into our BagSpot 2-n-1 Dispenser.  Other companies force you to make a choice about the type of dispenser and that locks you into the type of bags you’ll use. Not with the BagSpot 2-n-1 Dispenser. Our One Pull Bags and continuous Roll Bags can be used interchangeably in our single dispenser. And that translates into flexibility and savings for you. Don’t be tied to one dispenser or forced to purchase costly conversion kits sold by other companies, go with our unique, patented BagSpot 2-n -1 Dispenser.

Our dispenser will hold 3 boxes of continuous Roll Bags. That’s 600 bags ready to be dispensed. Plus our dispenser will store an additional box of 200 bags, just in case.  Our dispenser can hold 400 One-Pull style Bags, and an additional 100 in a handy storage compartment inside the dispenser With this bag, you’ll see less waste because dog walkers can only pull one bag at a time.  But no matter which bag you choose, you’ll be getting a bag that’s good for you and helps keep your green spaces clean.

Simply order our One-Pull style bags, which come 2000 per master case, fill the dispenser and you’ve made the switch. No new dispensers to purchase or costly conversion kits to store. It’s all there. You make the decision. You’re in control of costs, efficiencies and amenities, all with one dispenser, the revolutionary and patented BagSpot 2-n-1 Dispenser.

The number of dispenser units and bags will vary depending on the location and your expected dog traffic. Installing enough dispensers in the right locations within dog-friendly areas is critical to maximize usage and increase pick up rates. Chose strategic locations where most dog owners will pass (e.g., entrance to park area) and then at reasonable distances apart so a dispenser is never too far away to retrieve a pick up bag. The presence of these dispensers will encourage dog waste pickup, thereby promoting a healthy and waste free environment.

As of July 2013, our dispenser is the only one in the industry to receive patent approval.  We think we’ve come up with a great design that works for you.  We understand the constraints that municipalities, cities, counties and states are experiencing today. These constraints are not limited to government alone, but extend to businesses as well. Apartment complexes, HOA and dog parks are feeling the economic pinch.
The BagSpot 2-n-1 Dispenser allows you to control the type of dog waste bag you wish to purchase AND it allows you to expand your decision making capabilities because of our unique interchangeable system. Unlike our competitors, you do not need to buy separate dispensers or costly conversion kits to dispense different bags. Unlike some .of our competitors who feature an insert to make the change, with the BagSpot 2-n-1 Dispenser, it’s already built into the dispenser. No inserts to store and bring out to the site. The Patented BagSpot 2-n-1, does it all. It is the smart choice

All of our station components are made of heavy gauge, powder-coated aluminum.  The Premium Station comes with the Patented BagSpot 2-n-1 Dispenser, Mounting Posts, Sign and Trashcan, 50 can liners, and 1100 Bags (600 Roll Bags & 500 One-Pull Bags)

The Standard Station comes with the 2-n-1 Dispenser, Mounting Posts and Sign.

It is very easy and comes with a complete set of instructions and all the hardware necessary to complete the task. Just a bag of quick setting concrete and some basic tools and you’ll be ready to install.

The BagSpot 2-n-1 Dispenser is a patented design and is unique to the industry.  Our competitors use steel for some of their pet waste station components.  While they may be slightly less expensive, you will find that in a short period of time these will start to rust and will need replacing. At BagSpot, we make all of our Pet Waste Stations from powder-coated aluminum. It won’t rust! Even our hardware is stainless steel. And it won’t rust either.

Our warehouse personnel are great.  No matter how busy they are, all orders received by 3PM Central Time will ship same day.  If we receive your order after that time it will ship on next business day.  Since we are located in the heart of the country we can ship to either coast within 3 days.

Our goal is to make the planet as clean as possible. But for right now though, we ship to all 50 states.

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Call us at 1-800-203-3613. At BagSpot we’re here for you!