Trash Can Green
Trashcan in Green - BGSPTCAN1002
Green Trashcans
1 can       $129.95
2+ cans   $124.95

BagSpot Trashcan

Green or Black

Rust proof, Aluminum

Heavy Duty

13″ X 24″

Hinged Lid

Retainer Clips

Stainless Steel Hardware

Professional Grade

Professional Design

Trash Can Black
Trashcan in Black- BGSPTCAN1002B
Black Trashcans
1 can       $129.95
2+ cans   $124.95
Don’t buy another trashcan made from steel, again. The competition sells cheaper cans, because they’re made with cheaper material-steel or plastic. And they just don’t last. They rust or crack and before long, you’re replacing them. Buy Aluminum. It’s rust proof. Powder-coated. It will stand up to the elements, to weed whackers and whatever else the outdoors throws at it. 
Even our included hardware is stainless steel. We design products with you in mind. The other guys design products with their bottom line in mind. Buy the best…for less. Buy BagSpot.
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