Bagspot Premium Station
1-4 Stations     $239.00
5-9 Stations     $229.00
10+ Stations    $209.00

BagSpot Premium Station

Colors: Green or Black

All Rust Proof Aluminum, Powder-Coated


BagSpot 2-n-1 Dispenser

BagSpot Mounting Posts

BagSpot Trashcan

BagSpot Sign

Stainless Steel Hardware


50 Trashcan Liners

1100 Bags

(600 Roll Bags & 500 One-Pull Bags)

1-4 Stations     $239.00
5-9 Stations     $229.00
10+ Stations    $209.00

The BagSpot Premium Pet Waste Station is the gold standard by which all others are measured. No one else can offer you the BagSpot 2-n-1 Dispenser. This patented dispenser can dispense either Roll bags or One-Pull bags.  No other dispenser on the market can do that!  All the components of this station are made with rust-proof aluminum.  And nobody else gives you 1100 bags! That’s right 1100 bags. If you are looking for a station that does it all, has it all, look no further. This is the one.

This is BagSpot!

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