Bagspot Premium Station
1-4 Stations       $259.95
5-9 Stations       $253.95
10-20 Stations    $245.95
21+Stations    Call

BagSpot Premium Station



BagSpot 2-n-1 Dispenser

BagSpot Mounting Posts

BagSpot Trashcan

BagSpot Sign

Stainless Steel Hardware

Instructions included

50 Trashcan Liners
1100 Bags

(600 Roll Bags & 500 One-Pull Bags)

Professional Grade

Professional Finish


1-4 Stations        $259.95
5-9 Stations        $253.95
10-20 Stations    $245.95
21+ Stations    Call

BagSpot Premium Station - All Aluminum - Never Rusts

The BagSpot Premium Pet Waste Station is the gold standard by which all others are measured. Our components are powder-coated aluminum so they never rust. They are professional grade with a professional finish.  And our stainless steel hardware guarantees you’ll never see rust marks. Don’t be fooled by competitors who offer lower pricing for steel components. Those will soon rust and you’ll find yourself replacing them again and again.

No one else can offer you the BagSpot 2-n-1 Dispenser. This patented dispenser can dispense either Roll bags or One-Pull bags.  No other dispenser on the market can do that! 

And nobody else gives you 1100 bags! That’s right 1100 bags. If you are looking for a station that does it all, has it all, look no further. This is the one.

This is BagSpot!


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