Standard Station Green
BagSpot Standard Station Green - BGSPTSDS1009
Green Standard Stations
1-4 Stations     $129.00
5-9 Stations     $119.00
10+ Stations     $109.00

BagSpot Standard Station


BagSpot 2-n-1 Dispenser

Mounting Posts

Standard Sign

Stainless Steel Hardware

All Aluminum-Rust Proof


Instructions included

Standard Station Black
BagSpot Standard Station Black- BGSPTSDS1009B
Black Standard Stations
1-4 Stations     $129.00
5-9 Stations     $119.00
10+ Stations    $109.00
The BagSpot Standard Station is the only pet waste station to offer you a dispenser that can dispense either Roll Bags or BagSpot One-Pull (Header style) bags.  This unique, patented design provides the ultimate in flexibility so you can adapt to change in needs and budgets.  Our flush fitting mounting posts make assembly a breeze.  All of our components are made from rust-proof aluminum. Our competition uses steel, which rusts as soon as a weed whacker makes contact with it. And if you ever need to unbolt our components, we provide stainless steel hardware. And it doesn’t rust either. Buy the best-for less. Buy BagSpot!

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