Standard Station Green
BagSpot Standard Station Green - BGSPTSDS1009
Green Standard Stations
1-4 Stations      $149.95
5-9 Stations      $142.95
10-19 Stations  $137.95
20 + Stations    $133.95


BagSpot Standard Station



BagSpot 2-n-1 Dispenser

Mounting Posts

Standard Sign

Stainless Steel Hardware


Instructions included

Professional Grade

Professional Finish

Standard Station Black
BagSpot Standard Station Black- BGSPTSDS1009B
Black Standard Stations
1-4 Stations     $149.95
5-9 Stations     $142.95
10-19 Stations    $137.95
20 + Stations    $133.95

BagSpot Standard Station - All Aluminum - Never Rusts

The BagSpot Standard Station is the only pet waste station with components crafted entirely from aluminum. They will never rust and offer you the best value for your money. Our stainless steel hardware and professional powder-coating guarantees you’ll never see rust marks.
Our competition tries to fool you into thinking their low prices equal value. But they use steel components, which rust as soon as a weed whacker hits it.
BagSpot is the only company that offers a dispenser that can dispense either Roll Bags or BagSpot One-Pull (Header style) bags.  This unique, patented design provides the ultimate in flexibility so you can adapt to a change in needs and budgets.  Our flush fitting mounting posts make assembly a breeze. Buy the best-for less. Buy all aluminum BagSpot Standard Stations!

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